TV background wall decoration program, 33 design styles, hurry up!

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Simple wind video wall

If you want the TV wall to be a bit more beautiful, but don’t want to make it too complicated, you can refer to the design below. Use wallpaper, tiles, wood, marble to decorate the wall, easily create a different style, or simply, directly brush the color of the favorite latex paint, you can also have a good effect.


Marble wall




Marble is a TV wall, high-end atmosphere, a good sense of high quality.



 Wood veneer wall



The wood-paneled wall has a little warmth and softness. It can also be attached to the wall with the same wooden floor at home, and the space is more integrated.



You can choose different styles of wood veneer according to your own style.


Tile on the wall




Do not like this color, can be made into a cultural brick wall form, a leisurely literary fan.




 Wallpaper on the wall


The styles of the wallpapers are varied, the wallpapers on the walls, surrounded by simple crimping, simple and beautiful!



Brush latex paint + low cabinet



With the style of the home, brush your favorite latex paint, with a low cabinet, you can also be very beautiful.






Locker video wall

Playing the locker on the TV wall not only increases the storage space of the home, but also keeps the house clean and tidy. The well-designed cabinet can also become a landscape of the living room. However, the width of the living room in the home is not enough. It is not recommended to install it, which will make the home become crowded.




The color of the TV cabinet and the sofa wall echoes, and the living room is more graded.




The combination of wood and white is exquisite and elegant.




Take some thoughts on the door to make a hidden cabinet, beautiful and practical!




Low cabinet + partition

If you feel that the whole wall TV cabinet is too occupied, you can try the low cabinet + partition combination to reduce some frames, and the space looks more transparent.





Books and decorations can be placed on the partition to beautify the wall.





Partitioned video wall

The TV wall is the partition wall of the house. How to design it? The overall design principle is not to be too full, too big, and can be left blank or hollowed out to make the two spaces more interchangeable.



The half-height TV wall can be built with marble and wood. It can also be used as a small bar to increase the mood of the home.


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