Subtraction of life, black and white lines outline minimal life

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Let the world’s noisy go to yourself!

Let the lakes and mountains go to show themselves!

Let the crowd come from afar or wipe it by yourself!

I just use four palms to form a small valley.

Purely only our own storms,

There is a warm song in our world.

Unit type analysis

The original type of square is square, and the space is divided into large airflow.

Compared to style matching,

How to make the room more suitable for the needs of the homeowner,

It is a more important topic for designers.

The original kitchen was too narrow and the small room was incorporated into the kitchen area.

The kitchen and kitchen are more integrated and feel better.

Use the sliding door to switch between closed and open at any time.

The second bedroom door is slightly moved sideways.

Small changes reduce the sense of squatting in the second bedroom.

The main guard is pulling out and expanding the use area.

Meet the needs of the owner’s bathtub.

Create a storage room at the entrance porch.

Sufficient storage space must be the essence of beautiful home.

Living Room

The living room runs through things,

Black and white color matching is simple and without losing texture.

The storage room door is hidden in the cabinet, which is clean and does not drag the water.

The narrow black lines enhance the three-dimensionality of the space.

The bright colors of the dots dilute the cold.

Restaurant & Kitchen

There is a fragrant communication space.

Whether cooking or dining, your heart will be closer.

Together, it is to eat a lot of meals together.

You hold a knife and fork and smile.

Master Bedroom

The bedroom is more welcoming.

The spotlights ensure ample warm light.

White and wood,

It is always a good partner to create a good night’s sleep.

Second Bedroom

a second bedroom that is rarely used,

The style is also based on warmth and simplicity.


The tone of the study is still white.

With black lines.

Caramel color sofa sweeping space is boring.


The bathroom style is cold,

Take the easy management as the first principle.


The corridor still uses spotlights.

Do not occupy the space, do not suppress the perception.

The wooden door is wrapped in a narrow black stainless steel door cover.

Nice and refined.

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