Still buying a wardrobe? 2019 is popular “wall digging” wardrobe!

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In-wall wardrobe

Walled Wardrobe

The wardrobe is one of the essential items in the bedroom. It is mainly used to store clothes, quilts, bags, socks and other scattered items. It is usually placed in the corner of the bedroom in a large amount and a super-specific gravity. The storage needs of the family.

For a long time, we have been accustomed to the traditional finished wardrobe design, and did not feel where it is “obtrusive” or “obscured”, but with the improvement of people’s aesthetic level and the limitations of small house space, the design of the wardrobe also occurs. A big change.

Nowadays, wall-mounted wardrobes have become the first choice for modern families.

Its unique design method not only maximizes space saving, but also meets the needs of daily storage. The sliding door design is convenient to take and the overall effect is more beautiful.

With it, the home is like a cloakroom, the storage problem is solved, the bedroom is also neat and spacious, no matter from the aesthetics or practicality, the finished wardrobe is a few streets.


  What is an in-wall wardrobe?  

In-wall wardrobe, also called built-in wardrobe. It means that the main part of the closet is directly placed on the concave wall and integrated with the whole wall. Solid wood or glass sliding door is added on the outside to incorporate all the clothes, which preserves the cleanliness of the space to the utmost extent. .

The interior structure of the wardrobe can be tailored to the needs of the owner.The folding area, the hanging area and the drawer area in the cabinet are all divided into different categories, and are arranged and combined according to actual needs, and have both practical and beautiful functions.


 Advantages of wall-mounted wardrobes 

1. More powerful storage

The wall-mounted wardrobe is not limited by the size of the house. It can be embedded in the wall and fully utilize the corner position. The storage function is beyond imagination.

2. Aesthetics are better than others

Since the in-wall wardrobe only sees the cabinet door and can’t see the whole large amount of structure, it has a certain “invisible” effect visually; if you choose a high-color brown glass, atomized glass, metal grille The decoration of the door can also enhance the temperament and style of the whole home, which is more visually beautiful!

3. Small footprint

The “wall-mounted” closet can use every inch of space from the ceiling to the ground to meet the large-capacity storage, so it is also very friendly for small-sized apartments.

4. Personalized customization

The variability of the finished wardrobe is not strong, the size is fixed, and the customized in-wall wardrobe can be designed to specifically design the internal structure of the wardrobe, personalized, and the storage and retrieval of the clothes is more free.

5. The top is not easy to fall ash

The wardrobe embedded in the wall, because there is no empty head space, it is not easy to fall ash, and even can repair the irregularity of the corner.


  How to build an in-wall wardrobe? 

I. Digging the wall

If it is a non-bearing wall, and it is more suitable for the conditions of the cut, you can dig a part of the wall, leave a space of about 4m2, embed the finished closet, and let the space expand.

In this way, the wardrobe can be flush with the wall, which can beautify the overall appearance of the bedroom, which is more harmonious and beautiful, not obvious, and can meet the individual needs of the owner.

2. the reserved recess in advance

Some homes have a reserved recess, so you don’t have to worry about it. As long as you need to tailor the material, color, and internal structure of the cabinet according to your actual needs, it is convenient and practical, and it can also show your personal taste.

3. Design fake wall

If you do not leave an embedded position before the renovation, you can also customize an in-wall wardrobe by designing a fake wall. The door is made of transparent glass and embedded with a lighting system to reduce the feeling of space congestion and make it easier to take clothes.

In most cases, this “fake wall wardrobe” will be used as a partition wall, making it even harder to retrofit. The design of the bathroom or office area behind the closet can better improve the space function.




The depth of the wardrobe is preferably 600mm-900mm. Generally speaking, 600mm is enough. It is too deep and difficult to pick and place. It seems that some “chicken ribs” are not practical. If you add a sliding door, you can deepen it appropriately.

Sliding door : The width of a single sliding door is less than 950mm and the height is about 2400mm.

Customized hanging area gold size

Finally, we need to pay attention to the fact that the wardrobe design must be based on ergonomic principles to create the appropriate size and height. The placed clothing should not be overfilled, otherwise it is not conducive to air circulation, and it is also very inconvenient to find.

So, are you getting the benefits of getting into the wall-mounted wardrobe? For small partners with more clothes, this kind of wardrobe with larger capacity and higher value is like a display area, which makes the bedroom look stylish and brings a different and stunning beauty.

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